Master of Theological Studies

A big day for UBTS…

12038131_1625996984333610_8044994817123915239_nSeptember 21 was a big day for UBTS… First-year students of Pastoral Ministry Program, Church Planting Department and International Missions Department experienced their initial steps at the seminary. The students of Music Ministry Program, Christian Education Department and Women’s Ministry Program had the same class at UBTS within the period of September 28 – October 2.

The student orientation week began with worship, opening 12042898_1625997031000272_5211605408818321764_nspeech of the seminary’s president, explaining history of UBTS, some specifics of academic process and internal regulations. Thus all the students were given a chance to gain understanding of UBTS ministry essence and their responsibilities both as a student and a member of a local church. The students were taught Spiritual Formation class throughout the week. The faculty members led incredible discussions designed for the students to comprehend and be infected with the values of being biblical, missional and accountable. Each group of students had unforgettable  fellowship time in the evenings…