Application Process
Doctrine & Beliefs


Yaroslav Pyzh


Ph.D. Professor of Systematic Theology.

Ivan Romanyuk

Chairman of the Board

Doctor of Ministry. Professor of Church Ministry and Pastoral Theology. 

Oleksandr Savych

Head of Pastoral Department

Master of Ministry. Professor of Pastoral Ministries.

Oleg Bodnar

Head of Church Planting Program.

Master of Ministry. Professors of Hermeneutics and Introduction to the New Testament.

Russell Woodbridge

Head of International Missions Program.


Olena Dub

Head of Women’s Ministry Program

Ph.D in Pedagogical sciences. Professor of Ukrainian and Christian Pedagogics.

Tanya Sydko

Head of Christian Education Program

Bachelor of Arts.

Volodymyr Khlysta

Head of Music Ministry Program.

Composer. UBTS Choir Director. Professor of conducting, choir and instrumental orchestration. 

Bogdan Luts

Administrative Director

Pastor of Lviv Central Baptist Church. Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry.

Oleg Borys

IT Specialist, Website Manager

Master of Biblical Sciences, Master of Social Pedagogics. Professor of Homiletics and Rhetoric.