Doctrine & Beliefs

Philosophy of Ministry


The mission of Ukraine Baptist Theological Seminary (UBTS) is to equip Ukrainian Baptist churches to more effectively carry the message of Christ to the nation by providing Biblical education to men and women.


UBTS vision is to be the higher education hub of an educational system with national reach that provides leaders who help churches become effectively missional – thus resulting in year-after-year growth of Believers (Baptisms and Church Members).



We believe in the infallibility of the Holy Scripture and its absolute authority on all matters in life.
We focus all efforts on proclaiming the key truth of the God’s Word: the love of the Lord expressed in salvation by grace.
We infect our students with the love to the Author of the Bible by teaching them to have responsible attitude towards His Word.
We equip our students with knowledge of the Bible, Theology and Church History while teaching them to understand and apply God’s Word in all circumstances of current reality.


We believe that being missional means being deeply concerned about the lives of unsaved people and that we must do our best for their salvation, spiritual growth and gaining the ability to make disciples of others.
We view the local church as a gathering of regenerated believers who must follow God’s calling and serve others outside their personal comfort zones.
We seek to infect everyone with a missional spirit to share the Gospel using all the available tools.


We believe that mentorship is essential for spiritual growth and effective ministry.
We understand that we should be personally involved in both being a mentor and being mentored.
We inspire and teach our students to clearly understand and be responsible for their calling and their role in the life of a local church.