Second session for first year students
The presidential theology

Homiletics class

6Second-year students of Pastoral Ministry, Church Planting and International Missions Programs were taking Homiletics class, one of the key courses for preachers, within the week of Oct. 30 – Nov. 4. They truly liked the material being taught since Vasyl Novakovets did a great job when explaining the course’s fundamental truths with clarity and simplicity.

12Next week (Dec. 7-11) three more seminary’s departments (Women’s Ministry, Christian Education and Music Ministry Programs, second-year students) were taking Homiletics class. The teaching time (by Oleg Borys) was combined with practical assignments done by the students. Some videos about public speaking art were included into teaching experience. The final components of the Homiletics class mentioned was a five-minute speech uttered by each student in terms of his ministry context. These were inspiring weeks indeed!

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