Philosophy of Ministry


When Ukraine was proclaimed an independent state this circumstance opened doors to a lot of opportunities to get good theological education. Bible colleges were founded in almost every region in Ukraine and Seminaries appeared in Kyiv and Odessa.

At that time Volodymyr Mykolayovych Matviyiv was elected a Deputy Head of All-Ukrainian Union of Associations of Evangelical Christians-Baptists. He initiated foundation of a higher theological establishment in Galychyna to meet the needs of Ukrainians living in the West of the country.

Volodymyr Grygorovych Domashovets joined this initiative. He had been in leadership of Ukrainian Union of Churches in the USA for many years. A great amount of others ministers and churches from the USA and Canada also became involved and were ready to support this project financially.

Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary was founded in 2000.
Dr. Volodymyr Matviyiv became a president of the entity.
The seminary was located in Boryslav and for that purpose a building was bought.
In 2002 Dr. Ivan Romanyuk became a president of the seminary due to illness of Volodymyr Matviyiv. Construction works at the seminary building were finished and first enrollment to the Bachelor of Theology Program (full-time and part-time studies) were done under Dr. Romanyuk’s leadership.

In 2004 the seminary had a second wave of recruiting students to Bachelor Program and in 2005 Master Program was launched.

Besides Theology Programs UBTS delivered education at Christian Education Program and Music Ministry Program in Lviv.

There was a first graduation of full-time students of Bachelor of Theology Program in 2005. In 2006 an academic dean Yaroslav Pyzh was sent to the US. to study and gain Ph.D. with the purpose of his returning to the seminary after education is completed. There was a first graduation of masters at UBTS in 2007.

In 2010 a last (third) group of bachelors that had studied full-time graduated from the seminary. After that all the studies started to be part-time.

UBTS was decided to be located in Lviv in 2012.

In November 2013 Yaroslav Pyzh became a president of UBTS after completing education in the USA and gaining Ph.D. He initiated foundation of new departments that were led by committed Program Directors. UBTS had six new enrollment practices that resulted in dramatic increase of number of students.

Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary has six departments at the moment: “Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry”, “Bachelor of Missiology: Church Planting”, “Bachelor of Missiology: International Missions”, “Bachelor of Women’s Ministry”, “Bachelor of Christian Education” and “Bachelor of Music Ministry”. A new Master Program was launched. Besides there are programs for preachers that are delivered at local churches in Lviv region. And classes also take place in diaspora.