Students from Zakarpattya visited UBTS


Program Objective This program is designed to deliver necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to every woman who is involved that enables fulfilling Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

DSC_0775We are aimed at providing every woman with an opportunity to be educated at UBTS and equipping every student with fundamental theological Bible knowledge and special knowledge in terms of application.

We encourage and contribute to development and formation of student’s character who is able to be involved in church life and ministry;

We will develop partnership with local churches so that they start supporting studies and ministry of the students..

Delivery mode

It is a four-year program:

• 6 one-week sessions per year = 24 sessions;

• 16 core courses;

• 8 courses in areas of specialization;

• 4 online courses (one course per year);

• Practical home assignments, that are included in the program.

Program Specifics

1. Providing the students with good theological education with emphasis on women’s ministry specifics;

2. Involvement of teachers and students in practical ministry of local churches;

3. Opportunity to be specially used by God in serving other people;

4. Meeting theoretical, practical, ethic and spiritual needs of women who are equipped to serve the Lord and other people;

5. Support of students’ ministry inside and outside of a local church by the seminary staff.