Application Requirements

Application Process

Application Process

An applicant must provide the seminary with the following documents:
  1. Filled out application form
  2. Recommendation written by a pastor
  3. Two filled out recommendations written by non relatives
  4. Copy of the education certificates including General Certificate of Education
  5. Standard medical certificate for those entering higher education establishment (086-U form)
  6. Copy of an identification number and copy of a passport
  7. Two photos – 3х4 сm.

Admissions office

Admissions office will allow the applicant to pass an entrance exam and be interviewed when the applicant provides all the required documents in time and when these application papers are reviewed.

The student, who enrolled in UBTS because he or she had provided false information to the admission office, will be excluded from the seminary.

Enrollment in the seminary is due to three stages:

  1. 1. Filled out application documents (application form, recommendation written by a pastor and two people)
  2. 2. Entrance exam – test of Bible knowledge
  3. 3. Interview


Посилання на файли документів

Application form (blank) Recommendation written by a pastor Рекомендація другої особи Доктринальне ствердження