Homiletics class

The presidential theology

12710838_1671092989824009_5594327839281884199_oIn February Yaroslav Pyzh taught Systematic Theology class to the students of Pastoral, Church Planting and International Missions Departments. He succeeded in forming environment of discussions, debates in addition to lectures delivered which was extremely contributing to students’ experience.
These are a few students’ feedback statements expressed on the February class:
I did like the class since Slavik’s teaching transformed my understanding of a number of things. The cliché stuff defining my thinking for many years partly disappeared. I ended up with my worldview and perception of God expended. I realized other denominations also had some strong theology approaches. I used to think God would love me more if I did something for Him. In reality you can’t do anything to force God love you more. God already loves us to the full extent of this feeling’ (Pavlo, Yablunivka Village, Zakarpattya).
12719395_1671093043157337_2047293337341779739_oMy experiencing God wasn’t the same after Theology class at the seminary. I enjoyed Yaroslav’s teaching manner a lot. He inspired us to think. I believe God will continue to use seminary to shape my personality and influence other people through me being changed. It was a blessed time indeed. I reevaluated my understanding of God and prayer’ (Maksym Maksymov, Tarasivka Village (Kiev Region).
Our eternity depends on the choice we make in the state of temporality. These were the first words I heard when coming to UBTS again. I’d had lots of questions before the session week and I thought God was kind of preparing my heart and mind to experience something new. Well, I realized how poor my understanding of God was. Theology is not just knowledge of doctrines, the Scriptures or knowledge about God. 616857_1671093696490605_8557415852601909060_oThat’s getting to know and experience Him. True theology leads to prayer and worship. God wants us to long for and have relationships with Him. I did like working in teams during the class. It was especially great to have such discussions because we didn’t totally agree on some issues within the team but we had to come up with the solution to the problem. God was working on our hearts. We confessed it was really hard to accept some things we didn’t clearly understand because of our vision/understanding frame. I am so grateful for that session week. I am thankful for my brothers and sisters and for Yaroslav who’s an outstanding teacher encouraging us to think and work hard. I did like him honestly saying ‘I don’t know’ when he didn’t know the exact answer. I am also thankful for the faculty members and specifically for their readiness to serve others that inspired us to do the same’- Anita Migovich, Mukachevo, Zakarpattya region.