This is the event everyone was waiting for!  A special moment in both the life of the graduates and the life of seminary.

The graduation celebration took place on June 8 at the Lviv Central Church.  Students and their relatives filled the church hall, forming one large family.

One hundred and eighty-two graduates received UBTS diplomas and certificates!  Among them, there were also undergraduate students from the departments of Pastoral Service, the Organization of New Churches, the Music Ministry, the Christian Education, the Women’s Service, the International Mission, and students of the Youth Leadership Development Program and the Youth Bible School.

Their studying process continues beyond the walls of the seminary, but we believe that the values ​​of BMW (biblical, missional, accountable) will remain the values ​​of their lives.  And their local churches will grow through baptism and discipleship.

The official part began with a performance by a music group, graduates of the Music Ministry program.

The president of the seminary Yaroslav Pyzh addressed the audience:

Ректор семінарії Ярослав Пиж звертаєтеся до студентів зі словом

 “Serve people.  They have one big need – they want to be accepted.  They want to have a person who wants to spend time with them.  What is the measure of love?  The measure of love is the time you spend with a person.  And if you love someone, you give them your time.  Love Your Neighbors – Become a Mentor for Those Who Are Around You”

An important part of our holiday was also the word from the invited guests:

Oleg Bodnar – Senior Bishop of the Lviv Region of the ECB:

“Training is over, now what is expected of you?  To do what you have learned, to apply this knowledge in life and bear fruit.  God is expecting this fruit from us all.  And so I wish you that the “Biblical” – love to God, is expressed in obedience to His commandments and to men.  And  love to people is expressed in the “Missional” – the wish of salvation for those people who need it.  And, of course, the “Accountable” is your responsibility for the ministers in your local churches.  And then when you live this way, according to everything you have been taught, according to the Word of God, you will bear fruit”

Nazarkevych Yaroslav – senior pastor of the Lviv Central Church

“My wish is that you are always dependent on the Lord. There are so many things we know and can that dependence on God is not so critical for us.  Without depending on Lord we can do enough religious activity, but I want us to remember that Jesus Christ said: (John 15:4)  «Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.»

Therefore, I sincerely wish you always cherish a deep dependence on our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Випускниця з дипломом та подарунками

Gorenkov Denis –  the Director of training program “Mission in profession”, “Mission Eurasia”

“The Bible gives us the example of God, who works and completes what He began. Today is a special day for you – you have completed your studying process.  And the Lord calls you to move on.

I believe that it is a part of your mission in the future – to help others use their minds to serve Christ. Help those in need. I wish you God’s blessings in this matter”.

Наші випускники, викладачі та запрошені гості.

Time flies fast and it is so important to build something that will not be temporary, but what will remain after us. We have invested our vision, knowledge and practice  in our students, and believe that they will use them to make changes in the lives of other people – this is how local churches change. Because the greatest potential of our churches is people.