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Конференція "Місія можлива"

13 Листопада 2019

On October 18-19, the “Mission is Possible” conference was held in Lviv. The conference was organized by the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary.

The event was held in the premises of “Nove Zhyttia” Church, which welcomed about 150 conference participants.

A missionary conference is a space that brings together people and teams who are in touch with the mission and its development; It is a meeting place where the Spirit of God inspires participants with new ideas for ministries, opens new doors, and invites new accomplishments.

The main topic of the conference is Mission. Missionary is the pain of the fate of the unsaved, manifested in the preaching of the Gospel.

In order to fully reveal the topic of the conference, the organizers invited speakers who actively practice Mission in their lives and in their churches:

Vitaliy Sorokun, Head of the ECB External Mission Committee, spoke on the Intercultural Mission of the Church of Christ;

Lubomir Matveev, pastor of the Kiev “Church of Grace” spoke on “God’s Mission in Scripture for All Nations”;

Calvin Brown. Director of Concord Baptist Association Missions, spoke on “Missionary Identity”;

There were also various seminars hosted by guests from around the world, such as Heber Mena, Luis M. Mendoza, Warren and Elaine Lackey, Charles and Cheryl Warner, Kirby Holmes.

A special and unmatched part of the conference was the quest “Travel to Asia”.

Its purpose was to create an Eastern atmosphere, with a high concentration of cultural events where participants could walk “in the shoes of a missionary”, face the typical and atypical situations of another culture, and become their protagonists, who should be indifferent.

The atmosphere of the East was created by:

– interior decorations;

– music;

– aromatic sticks;

– actors, their image and game;

The final stage was a discussion where participants and actors could discuss their experiences, reactions, and actions. Think about what to do if this is the case. “God’s cause is doomed to win. Mission is not my business, but God’s, we can only be involved. God stands behind the mission » Lubomir Matviyev



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