WeCare Centers

One of our responses to the challenges of the war was to create a network of We Care Centers in different cities of Ukraine.

Here is a detailed report on the results of the centers’ work from the UBTS and ILMC.

So, there are currently 16 centers in the following cities: Kharkiv, Hostomel, Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Boryslav, Uzhhorod, Khmelnytskyi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Korosten, Uman’, Kamianka, Kamen-Kashyrskyi, Zaporizhzhia and Druzhkivka. Our team continues to work on opening centers throughout Ukraine.


Our main task is to unite the efforts of local churches, public organizations and city authorities to rebuild the country together in different ways. The main areas of focus of WeCenters today are:

🔹Humanitarian aid to IDPs (food, clothing and footwear, medicines, hygiene products, household chemicals, Bibles and Christian literature);

🔹Trips to hot spots and de-occupied territories involving assistance to the military, evacuation of civilians, humanitarian aid to residents;

Education: seminars, trainings, workshops;

Spiritual and psychological care: the work of chaplains and pastoral caregivers, psychological assistance;

Counseling:  medical, legal, etc. as needed;

Dialogue between churches, organizations and city authorities: roundtables, volunteer breakfasts, implementation of joint projects, cooperation with local authorities, search for partners;

🔹 Restoration of damaged buildings in the de-occupied territories.

The centers involve 490 volunteers and more than 100 churches and non-profit organizations.

We realize that the war will not end tomorrow, and the post-war period will bring new challenges and crises. That is why today we are serving our country and people and laying the foundation for Ukraine’s recovery after our victory.

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